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The Reveal CT-80 – Simply Better EDS

Proven technology, TSA Certified, that is less than half the physical size and less than half the cost of any explosives detection system available today.

Reveal’s Solution: Simply Smarter EDS
The Reveal CT-80 Inline Station is a next generation EDS that is far smaller and less expensive than the current generation of EDS. While sharing the same tunnel size as existing EDS products, Reveal’s system is small enough to be built into the ticket counter or check-in desk as a distributed network of EDS scanners. This distributed architecture provides in-line EDS without forcing airports to redesign and rebuild their baggage conveyor system. Because it is fully networked, the Reveal solution provides screener labor savings identical to custom in-line rebuild programs, but without the infrastructure cost and disruption to airport operations.

100% Checked Baggage Screening
Reveal’s solution allows 100% screening of checked baggage without consuming valuable lobby space, creating additional passenger queues or requiring tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars per airport for infrastructure modification. Reveal can accomplish this because our technology and design dramatically reduces the size and cost of the EDS unit, which permits us to integrate checked baggage screening into the check-in process. The check-in desk is the most logical place to perform baggage screening because passengers are already queued up and the time required to issue tickets and/or boarding passes gives the EDS and security screeners ample time to inspect the baggage. "High Speed" in-line EDS machines have only seconds available to inspect each bag. A high-speed EDS is a single point of failure. If a system goes down or cannot keep pace with the baggage handling system the airport baggage handling process will be brought to a stand still. Reveal's distributed processing approach allows the EDS system significantly more time to inspect the baggage since passengers typically wait over 2 minutes for their boarding card. With at least 30 seconds available to inspect a bag, the EDS system can perform a more extensive analysis of the bags' contents, resulting in a much lower overall false alarm rate at full TSA Certified detection levels.

Reveal's EDS Station solves the problems identified with in-lobby and current inline "Bend and Spend" systems:

  • Minimal or no effect on airline ticketing or baggage handling processes.
  • Provides labor savings identical to that projected for current inline "bend and spend" systems.
  • Eliminates anticipated costs associated with terminal expansion, baggage conveyor system redesign and rebuild.
  • The passenger is present if a physical bag search is required. If preferred, bags can be diverted to a separate room in the baggage makeup area for resolution.
  • Additional scanning time allows Reveal to make use of integrated orthogonal technologies and automated secondary screening to significantly reduce false alarm rate.
  • High resolution detectors, dual energy data and unique detector configuration allow Reveal to enhance performance over time as threats and standards evolve.
  • Reveal's distributed network of scanners, using a simplified PC-based design, provides built-in redundancy in event of single point of failure.
  • Deployment in the airport's temperature and humidity controlled terminal environment ensures reliable operation under all load conditions.

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