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UK Looks to NUCTECH for Airport Security Solutions Liquid security inspection system and RM radioactivity monitor system launch

NUCTECH Company Limited, one of the world's top technology and security companies, today launches its RM Radioactivity Monitor system, a world first in terms of detecting radioactive material on passengers at airports and other transport terminals, and its ‘LS8016' liquid security inspection system, in the UK.

NUCTECH showcased its systems for the first time at the Airport, Port and Transport Security Europe (APTS) exhibition at Olympia, London on Tuesday 5th and 6th of December.

There has been strong international interest, including from the Federal Aviation Administration in the US, BAA in the UK and airport authorities in the Netherlands, France and Spain. NUCTECH has a series of meetings planned with Government officials and airport authorities from these countries over the next few months.

The RM Radioactivity Monitor is a world first in terms of scanning to detect radioactive material on passengers travelling through airports and other transport terminals. The RM 1000 performs full body scans whilst the RM 2000 and RM 3000 models are used for luggage items and transport vehicles respectively. RM systems have already been adopted in Ireland, Belgium, Norway and Denmark.

The ‘LS8016' liquid security inspection system is capable of detecting explosive, flammable and erosive liquids as well as components for liquid explosives, and is the only liquid inspection system that can scan liquids in all kinds of material containers, including metal, ceramics, glass and plastic. The system is already being used in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu airports in China.

The LS8016 liquid security inspection system has been tested to meet UK safety and performance standards by the Home Office and it also has EU certification. The system succeeded in achieving a 100% probability of detection rate with the lowest false alarm rate, a result unsurpassed by any comparable system on the market.

NUCTECH Company Limited was founded in 1997 with the support of Tsinghua University - the ‘MIT of China'. The company possesses one of the largest manufacture bases of x-ray inspection systems in the world and specialises in developing and producing x-ray technologies for use in countering terrorist and criminal activity.

NUCTECH has a global track record of exporting more than 150 sets of high energy x-ray security inspection systems to over 50 countries and regions. Last month the company signed a contract with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to supply container and vehicle inspection systems, another area where it is a market leader, to British ports. A further meeting will be held with HMRC later this week to discuss adoption of the liquid security inspection and RM radioactivity monitoring systems.

Yinpeng Liang, the Deputy General Manager of NUCTECH Company Limited, commented:

"Our RM system will detect any attempt by a person to bring radioactive material through transport terminals, which might have benefited the UK in the recent poisoning case in London. Also, following with the current restrictions in the UK on carrying liquids onto aircraft, we believe that the adoption of the LS8016 will allow hand and aircraft-hold luggage to be scanned faster and more thoroughly. We also hope that this will result in a relaxing of these restrictions which are causing a great inconvenience to customers, without compromising security.�

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