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Securing Metropolitan Public Transportation.

In view of the recent events in Germany, Spain and London, security in metropolitan public transportation terminals is a critical part of fighting fundamentalism today.
It is not a mere chance that terrorist attacks are targeted at crowded public places such as airports, bus stations, trains and metro terminals. These public areas operate 24/7 and there are always large amounts of people present in them. They are therefore under a higher risk for a major terror attack.

The primary requirement when intelligence points to a specific risk is to enable very fast clearance of suspicious untended items. Real-Time portable X-Ray systems provide the fastest first response to IED in the field. In unfortunate cases, where there is a first blast, public panic erupts, rescue forces and crowds fill the place and the need for even faster clearance of remaining unexploded IED is even more crucial.

The images show a police bomb technician using Vidisco foX-Razor, with its 13mm flat panel (the thinnest ever produced) to detect a bomb in a deserted package. Vidisco also offers Dual Energy (DE) Organic detection at security airport industry standards. This means Vidisco Portable X-ray system can produce images that contain the same CPT combined test pattern as the airport stationary systems. Dual Energy is not possible when using film technologies as multiple shots are required. Vidisco portable flat amorphous silicone panels provide the ability to take multiple shots and analyze them in the field in real time.

A bomb technician working with Vidisco systems will find that they are compact and easy to transport and can be used quickly in any field conditions. The systems offer improved resolution and penetration and thus are the answer to the need for fast and effective clearance.

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