Vidisco Ltd.2007-09-25 10:45:25

Vidisco introduce the new Super large VCU-22 Inspection System

The foXrayIIe VCU 22" large area imager is the new super sized addition to the Vidisco line. It is the first CCD based imager with 10 bit (1024 gray levels) dynamic range and it is supported by the professional FlatfoX software.

With its large imaging area, 56 x 42 cm, which begins a mere 1.5 mm from the bottom and only 2 mm from each side (so you can place it standing sideways too) you have the ability to inspect large items (even the largest allowed carry on suitcase) without the need to reposition the imager. With our proprietary Window Leveling tool, you can extract the most important information from your image.

This large imager also has an easy "slide in" integrated wireless connection and wireless X-ray. It also has an option for an external color camera with live video. The VCU 22" can operate for 14 days without the need to recharge its battery. It also has vehicle DC/AC options.

The VCU 22" is the perfect solution for situations that demand the combination of large area imaging with quick deployment and immediate results for conducting non intrusive inspections, like fast IED detection in public transportation terminals and airports.

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