Vidisco Ltd.2008-06-22 12:56:33

First Ever Organic/ Inorganic Detection with Pulsed X-Ray Sources

Vidisco is the first company to ever offer portable automatic Dual Energy (DE) for organic/ inorganic detection. With our truly portable flat amorphous silicon panels Flat foX-17 and foX-Rayzor, a bomb tech can analyze images on site and immediately differentiate organic materials like explosives or drugs from inorganic substances like metals. Our proprietary algorithm provides results that surpass airport standards.

Now we are proud to present our newest revolutionary product - the XR-DE Dual Energy Module, which enables automatic organic / inorganic detection with a pulsed Golden XR200 or XRS3 source for the first time. The module is easy to mount on your Golden pulsed X-ray source and you can continue to use the source in the regular manner. With 270kV, DE penetration is improved by 200% allowing for better Probability Of Detection (POD) in IED's. The XR-DE Module is fully battery operated. We invite you to witness a live demo of our products and capabilities any where, any time. Upgrade yourself to the X-ray inspection systems of the 21st century.

Visit us at IABTI (booth No. 114-166) and Eurosatory (booth No. S230A) to learn more.

For more information contact:
32 Haharoshet St.
Or-Yehuda 60375
Tel:     +972 3 533 3001
Fax:     +972 3 533 3002






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