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Vidisco's portable digital X-ray system was used to is used to help neutralize WW2 bomb

WW2 Aircraft Bomb, Most Likely American, was Discovered in Tel Aviv

A 70 year old WW2 bomb was recently discovered in north Tel Aviv and Vidisco's portable digital X-ray system was used to check if it had a detonator. Based on the findings, it was later neutralized.

On May 5, 2013, Israeli security forces had a logistically complex mission - to neutralize a rusty WWII bomb that was recently discovered in north Tel Aviv. The bomb was found adjacent to a new neighborhood in Tel Aviv when a police officer accidently came across it during a routine search of the area.

Once it was exposed, the security forces had to check if the bomb was "live" or not. This entailed searching for a detonator, which was done with the use of Vidisco's portable digital X-ray system. The information from the X-ray images verified to the security forces that the device was indeed "live" and that careful steps needed to be taken in order to remove the threat.

Yoram Ochiyun, Yarkon Area Police Commander, explained that "the bomb weighing 130 kg is probably from 1948, probably American and probably fell from an aircraft". After the bomb was X-rayed, it was treated as a "live" bomb and many logistic preparations took place in order to guarantee that the process of neutralizing it would not harm any people or property. Local residents that live near the area where the bomb was discovered were asked to leave their homes when the scheduled demolition took place.

Ari Diamond, Vidisco's CEO, who was present when the bomb was X-rayed stated "It is not every day that such a piece of history is discovered and I am very happy that Vidisco's system was used to X-ray the bomb. Only a portable and easy to carry X-ray system could have been used to X-ray the device "in situ", as it was in heavy brush on sand dunes, right off the coast. I am sure that no other portable system in the world has the ability to penetrate this amount of steel as we did; and the results were crystal clear to everyone on the scene with just one image taken in mere seconds". This critical information is what makes all the difference between a routine safe bomb disposal or people getting critically wounded, or even worse. I'm always proud to be part of the team that saves lives.

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