Vidisco Ltd.2013-07-24 09:07:19

Vidisco introduces the new FlashX Wireless. The FlashX imager works with no cables, which makes the system more portable than ever!

Vidisco prides itself on listening to its customers and being in constant state of improving its products. This time, Vidisco created a built-in wireless module for its FlashX imager. This enables the FlashX system to work completely without cables, which eliminates the need for the imager to ICU cable. With the wireless module, the system maintains the same great qualities and is as fast and reliable as ever. As always, high quality images are available at a click of a button.

With Vidisco's new FlashX built-in wireless module, the FlashX system no longer requires an ICU to Imager Cable. In the past, when in wireless mode, the ICU and Imager were the only two components that still required a cable connection. Now, none of the main components - including the Imager, ICU, X-ray source and laptop do not need to be connected with cables. This improves the portability of the system and makes the set-up time faster than ever.

Security personnel including bomb technicians stand to greatly benefit from this new improvement as this will enable them to have a much quicker response time. The faster set-up of the system means that no time will be wasted when human lives are at stake.

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