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Rising Threat of Internally Concealed Bombs Force Authorities to Step Up Security Measures

The US officials stated that all international airports with direct flights into the United States have stepped up their security measures in order to address the growing concerns over Al-Qaeda operatives in Syria and Yemen developing bombs that could be smuggled onto planes, according to The Guardian Newspaper.

Fortunately, there is a technology available which can effectively detect advanced explosives such as "underwear" or internally concealed bombs.

Simon Lyster, Managing Director of ADANI Limited said: "In the past there have been a number of cases where explosive devices were effectively concealed inside the body or hidden in underwear of terrorists. Unfortunately current airport security measures cannot address those potential threats."

"In the current environment there is a clear need for technology which can detect both internal and external concealments on the body in order to reduce the risk of a terrorist attack within the air transport sector. Thankfully the ADANI Conpass full body x-ray scanner can provide safe and effective screening of individuals in order to detect both internal and external concealments. By using this technology the authorities can reduce the risk and significantly improve security within the aviation transport sector."

With nearly 300 systems sold to date, ADANI Conpass full body scanner is used by leading government agencies, border authorities, law enforcement, military organizations, and security agencies in 28 countries worldwide. Since its introduction in 1999, the Conpass solution has consistently received the highest marks for its flexibility, quality, and performance with a proven record of detection results.

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