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Special Issue: CNI Focus
Please find here your downloadable copy of the January/February issue of World Security Report for the latest views and news, incorporating Border Security Report. 
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World Security Report in this issue:
- Threats to Critical Infrastructures: An Overview for Telecom 
and Energy Sector
- Managing Resilience in Critical Grid Situations - Success & Challenges
- CyberSecurity Predictions for 2018 - Threats via social media and Wireless networks will dominate next year
- Protecting critical utility infrastructure
- Security, Infrastructure, Rising Taxes and Charges, Smarter Regulation Top Agenda for MENA
- Planes, Trains and Automobiles
- Navigating the Cyber Sea of Compliance
- S&T’s Dam Simulation Program Saves Lives and Saves Taxpayers Nearly $50M
- Agency News
- Industry News
- Event Calendar
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