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Trackwise to show length unlimited multilayer flex printed circuit technology at DSEI 2021

Trackwise demonstrate the massive advantages that its patented Improved Harness Technology™ (IHT) can bring to defence applications at DSEi 21
IHT from Trackwise uniquely enables multilayer Flex Printed Circuits (FPC) of unlimited length to be constructed. The resulting interconnect solutions replace multiple wires with a single FPC, saving weight and space, and increasing flexibility, reliability and repeatability while reducing assembly time.
Already the company is developing multiple IHT interconnect FPCs for numerous aircraft and other defence applications, designed and produced at the company’s UK facilities in Tewkesbury.
Philip Johnston, CEO of Trackwise comments: “Light weight and small size are often critical for aircraft applications, and our IHT flex printed circuit technology is enabling new designs that would have been impossible with traditional wire harnesses.” 

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