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New avionics test benches from HENSOLDT NEXEYA FRANCE for ATR
ATR, the world’s number one aircraft manufacturer in regional aviation, has procured latest-generation test benches made by HENSOLDT NEXEYA FRANCE, equipped with the ALYSA simulation solution. These can be used to validate newly developed ATR avionics systems that allow for optimised aircraft approach capabilities, improved aircraft operation and more user-friendly pilot interfaces. The test benches equipped with the ALYSA simulation solution were offered to ATR by HENSOLDT NEXEYA FRANCE as part of a tender and satisfy the Toulouse aircraft manufacturer’s needs in the best possible way in terms of both reliability and cost efficiency.
Using simulation, the safety of new features can be operationally tested even in scenarios in which flight tests could never be conducted, such as serious system failures or errors, an avionics bus overload or extreme weather conditions. Thus, simulation not only helps with testing during product development but also with certification of ATR aircraft.
Simulation is also beneficial in terms of cost efficiency, as it allows for device and software design validation in early project phases – as opposed to at the end of development, when any changes needed may increase costs by a factor of up to ten. Moreover, simulation shortens the duration of flight tests, which account for a significant share of total project cost.
As the ALYSA test bench supplied to ATR is fully modular and scalable, it can be adapted to any future device, system and system of systems developments in the long run.
The ALYSA solution deployed in the ATR system is based on experience gained by HENSOLDT NEXEYA FRANCE with validation of fly-by-wire technologies (electronic aircraft control) for various aircraft manufacturers.
The solution is also in use in other industries, for example in trains. Additional features, such as a 3D engine, can be integrated thanks to the fully open design. This means test staff can pilot an aircraft equipped with new features while development is still in full swing.

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