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Senop Oy has signed a letter of intent on May 23, 2024 with the Finnish Defence Forces’ Logistics Command on the further development of new night vision devices.

The letter of intent is related to the improvement of the Army's night fighting capability. The aim of this R&D partnership is to provide the Finnish Defence Forces with the option of procuring domestic night vision devices that combines high performance, security of supply, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with the existing and future Finnish soldier systems.

The letter of intent covers the development of the following products for the Finnish Defence Forces:

  • A next-generation night vision goggles based on M20 technology, with improved ergonomics and a new helmet mount.
  • A tactical thermal binoculars based on uncooled thermal camera technology, utilizing both existing and new software solutions developed specifically for the Finnish Defence Forces.
  • A next-generation multipurpose fire control system based on smart sight technology for several weapon platforms e.g. support weapons and anti-tank weapon systems.

Other countries will also be able to join the development of the night vision devices at a later stage.

The ability to fight day and night and in challenging conditions is a key capability in the modern battlefield. According to Aki Korhonen, President of Senop Oy, this letter of intent reflects a trend in which 24/7/365 fighting capability, ergonomics, and the ability to fire rapidly with high first-round hit probability in all situations are crucial factors in achieving victory on the battlefield. The development of new night vision devices is a significant and strategically important project for us. Korhonen emphasizes that serving the customer is our top priority, and the Finnish Defence Forces are our most important customer. Through testing and R&D cooperation with end users, we are able to hone the usability and performance of our equipment to a razor’s edge.

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