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General Dynamics Canada Awarded $30 Million Contract for Biological Agent Detection System

General Dynamics Canada, a business unit of General Dynamics, has been awarded a $30 million (US $26.3 million) contract to supply its VP Bio Sentry system - a real-time, biological agent detection and sampling system readily configurable for static, mobile and naval applications - to the Canadian Forces' Vital Point Bio-Sentry Program. The General Dynamics VP Bio Sentry system has been designed to detect aerosolized biological agents within seconds, providing soldiers time to don protective equipment, as well as providing critical identification information to help mitigate the effects of exposure.

"Our company is committed to working with the Canadian Forces to address emerging asymmetric threats from rogue nations and terrorists,� said John Watts, president of General Dynamics Canada. "The VP Bio Sentry system is a prime example of that commitment. It clearly demonstrates the ability of Canadian industry to work together with government R&D labs and the Canadian Forces to develop world class solutions to emerging threats.�

The VP Bio Sentry system is based on leading-edge, real-time detection technology developed in collaboration with Defence Research and Development Canada in Suffield, Alberta, and combined with the best available rapid identification technology.

Earlier versions of this detection technology have been deployed for over six years on Canadian Forces ships, utilized in urban operations and sold to a number of international military customers.

The program is a Canadian development and will result in regional benefits throughout . The project will be executed at the facilities in Calgary and Ottawa along with contributions from team member SIL in Saskatoon and a key supplier in Quebec.

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