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Sotor Body Scanner detects a 2kg Heroin haul inside a woman's stomach

DUBAI — An African woman was arrested at the Dubai International Airport earlier this month for attempting to smuggle two kilograms of heroin into the country, as reported in the Khaleej times.

On arrival in Dubai International Airport from Uganda the woman aroused the suspicion of a Customs officer, but a search of her baggage revealed nothing incriminating.

In the past, metal detectors have been used in Dubai for passenger screening. However, these cannot detect non metallic objects hidden under clothes, in natural cavities or within the human body. These typically non-detectable items such as narcotics, explosives, precious stones and diamonds, plastic weapons, electronic and video equipment or other contraband can only be detected by highly intrusive total body searches.

Based on the operating procedure of using a very narrow co-limited x-ray beam. The exposure is read by a highly sensitive linear multi element semiconductor detector, which sends its output to a proprietary software interpolation and enhancement process. The exposure dose for the passenger is less than 3 microsieverts.
The result is a detailed full height, high resolution image on the operator's workstation within 10 seconds.

A body scan, using the recently installed SOTER RS Body Scanner Unit, highlighted some suspicious contents inside her stomach. She was sent to Rashid Hospital and put under observation. She later excreted 100 capsules containing two kilograms of heroin.

The woman told the anti-narcotics officers from Dubai Police that the contraband was given to her by somebody in Uganda, who had arranged for her visa and hotel accommodation in Dubai. The man told her that somebody would visit her in the hotel to take possession of the drug consignment. She admitted that she had agreed to transport the drug for $3,000.

The woman has been referred to the Dubai Public Prosecution.

The SOTOR RS Security Body Scanner can undertake a whole body, clothing or body searches detecting everything hidden in or outside the human body within just 10 seconds, negating the need for the previously used intrusive whole body / strip searches.

Source: Khaleej times

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