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Intrusive whole body, clothing or body cavities searches of a suspect can involve local or federal legal representatives, security and medical personnel and possibly a trip to a medical facility. All these activities take a lot of time. The Soter RS body-scanner can undertake whole body, clothing or body searches within 10 seconds.

(In the ancient times when a leader had freed or saved a city from oppression, siege, taxes etc., one way of revering him whilst still alive was to give him the title "Soter". RS stands for reveal scanning.)

Metal detectors are used for passenger screening. The metal detectors used on passengers cannot detect non metallic objects hidden under clothes, in natural cavities or within the human body. These typically non-detectable items such as narcotics, explosives, precious stones and diamonds, plastic weapons, electronic and video equipment or other contraband can only be detected by highly intrusive total body searches.

The Soter RS is the best solution to finding everything hidden in or outside the human body within a short time.

The operating principle of the Soter RS is based on the use of a very narrow co-limited x-ray beam. The exposure is read by a highly sensitive linear multi element semiconductor detector, which sends its output to a proprietary software interpolation and enhancement process. The exposure dose for the passenger is less than 3 microsieverts.

The result is a detailed full height, high resolution image on the operator's workstation within 10 seconds.

The Soter RS advantages:

  • Full body scan within 10 seconds
  • No controversial privacy issues
  • Detect contraband in and on the human body with one scan
  • Head to toe image
  • No need for strip searches
  • Significant upgrade of the security tasks
The Soter RS detects:
  • Dangerous objects made of both inorganic materials - Guns, knives, detonators, electronics, jewels, minerals and metals
  • Organic Materials:
  • - Plastic explosives, drugs
  • Smuggling of contraband hidden in the natural cavities of the body.

General Characteristics
  • Number of elements in the image 2678 x 1200
  • Time of scanning 10 seconds
  • Contrast resolution 1%
  • Space resolution 102 mm low contrast items and 0.15mm high contrast items.
Power Consumption
  • 2kW, 220V, 60 HZ, 13 Amp
  • X-Ray Generator
  • Anode voltage - 100-160 kV
  • Tube current - 2.4 to 3.5mA
  • Water cooled
  • 24 hours operational time


  • Mounted on the floor
  • Solid frame construction (Vandalism proof)
  • Emission per scan <2.5 microsieverts
  • The radiation of one scan is equivalent to approximately half a day of exposure to naturally occurring background radiation nor 40-60 minutes flight by plane.
  • Operator will not be exposed to radiation
  • Training on how to operate the Soter Rs takes less than 1 hour.
  • For recognising the contraband the operator will join a one day training.
  • Required Space
  • 26m 2

Your partner in the fight against terrorism and drugs.

ODSecurity USA
707 Texas Avenue
College Station
Texas 77840
Tel: 1.844.99.SOTER
E-mail: john.shannon (at) odsecurityna.com
Web: www.ODSecurityNA.com

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