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Smiths Detection Provides Air Cargo Solutions for all Concordia's U.S. Facilities

Concordia Uses Smiths Detection Technology to Maintain Speed of Commerce, Protect Integrity of Freight

Smiths Detection today announces Concordia International Forwarding Corporation has chosen Smiths Detection's explosives trace detectors to protect its customers' merchandise to meet the Transportation Security Administration (TSA's) air cargo screening mandate.
Each of Concordia's 15 U.S. sites will use the IONSCAN 500DT, the latest in Smiths Detection's desktop trace detection technologies which can detect tiny amounts of explosives from a single sample in a few seconds.
Mark Laustra, Vice President of Homeland Security, Smiths Detection, said: "Our trace detection solutions provide an unparalleled level of protection while facilitating the business flow for freight forwarders, airlines and indirect air carriers."

Concordia's Corporate Vice President, Paul Emposimato III, said: "When we researched options for screening solutions, Smiths Detection was the only choice that made sense. The IONSCAN 500DT technology allows us to comply with the mandate without negatively impacting our transit time.
"Additionally, the 500DTs enable our customers to have complete confidence in both the integrity of their packaging and merchandise and the assurance that their cargo will arrive in a timely manner. As the economic downturn impacts our global business, it is increasingly important that we maintain our competitive edge with reliable security equipment and services."

The first TSA air cargo screening mandate, which required freight forwarders, indirect air carriers and airlines to screen 50 percent of all air cargo, took effect in February 2009. The second and upcoming TSA mandate requires 100 percent air cargo screening by August 2010.

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