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Thales launches a comprehensive anti-terrorism offering combining security and defence solutions

Thales announces the launch of a counter-terrorism offer designed for both the security and armed forces. This offer is made up of a set of dual, modular and interoperable solutions designed to detect and neutralise the terrorist threat.

Thales' counter-terrorism offer is based on three of the Group's activities: surveillance and intelligence (sensors, data fusion and analysis, cyber surveillance, etc.), protection (sensitive site and frontier protection, security of Information Systems, etc.) and intervention (soldier communication systems, UAVs, tracking systems, etc.).

The risk of terrorist attack has grown over the past few years. Terrorism itself has changed significantly: new risks such as nuclear, biological, chemical and IT terrorism now exist in addition to the more "traditional" threats.

Faced with these constantly changing threats, Governments are having to adapt and rethink their counter-terrorism strategies and resources. With this offer, Thales supports these Governments in implementing and reinforcing their counter-terrorism facilities while taking their specific local needs into account.

"The fight against terrorism means Governments must be better organised and better prepared to react more quickly and efficiently in the face of a terrorist threat that is increasingly complex and difficult to understand," explains Pascale Sourisse, Senior Vice President of Thales, and Head of the Land and Joint Systems Division. "By launching this offer, Thales is taking concrete action by offering Governments coherent counter-terrorism solutions that take each country's specific problems into account. Thales has civil and military solutions that cover all the major stages of the fight against terrorism, from prevention facilities right up to intervention facilities."

Thales's counter-terrorism offer focuses on three main issues: improving the efficiency of existing structures and systems, developing new solutions in line with the country's requirements and offering specific services (training, In-Service Support, etc.).

Thales has drawn on its expertise and extensive experience in the defence and security fields to design its offer:

- Thales is an expert in site protection and capturing, transmitting and processing information. These are two fundamental components in the fight against terrorism.
- Its position in both the civil and military fields, coupled with its experience in system interoperability, equip Thales with the necessary "dual" approach. There is no doubt that the fight against terrorism demands that the civil security forces (the national police force, the Gendarmerie, etc.), the armed forces and the intelligence services are able to work together.
- Thales has the expertise required at all stages of the fight against terrorism: prevention, protection, intervention.
- Present in over 50 countries across the world, Thales has an unrivalled understanding of local problems, working in close collaboration with its clients at a local level so that it can deal with sensitive issues, while at the same time integrating matters pertaining to sovereignty (cryptology, existing sensitive systems, etc).

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