Thales is a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Space, Defence, Security and Transportation markets. In 2008, the company generated revenues of 12.7 billion euros with 68,000 employees in 50 countries. With its 25,000 engineers and researchers, Thales has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements. Thales has an exceptional international footprint, with operations around the world working with customers as local partners.

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September 2017

Thales 15th September 2017

At DSEI 2017, Thales introduces a new generation ambidextrous and NATO interoperable military assault rifle, the F90MBR – Modular Bullpup Rifle,[more]

June 2017

Thales 20th June 2017

Thales and Inmarsat successfully conclude tests demonstrating resilient communications using System 21 modem over Global Xpress high-capacity steerabl[more]

Thales 19th June 2017

Thales unveils TRAC NG world’s most advanced en-route radar for dual civil/military operators.    Thales unveils TRAC NG the world&r[more]

April 2017

Thales 11th April 2017

Thales will supply vehicle communication system SOTAS to Denmark   The Danish Defence and Logistic Organization (DALO) signed a framework agree[more]

February 2017

Thales 14th February 2017

Thales and Bharat Dynamics Limited sign MoU to explore Transfer of Technology opportunity for STARStreak missile to India   At Aero India 2017,[more]

Thales 9th February 2017

XPI Simulation passes critical milestone for AJAX vehicles driver training simulators in the UK   XPI Simulation, a Thales company specialised [more]

Thales 3rd February 2017

Thales to supply instrumentation for new-generation French Army live combat training centres   Thales has won the CERBERE contract to upgrade t[more]

January 2017

Thales 18th January 2017

Thales to upgrade the Swiss Air Force Master radars As part of the FLORAKO programme modernisation, armasuisse has awarded Thales a contract to up[more]

Thales 16th January 2017

Digital transformations are changing how people think about commercial and consumer products, the same progress and innovations are shaping the future[more]

Thales 5th January 2017

Thales to equip the French forces with Spy'Ranger mini reconnaissance UAVs Thales’s latest-generation Spy’Ranger mini surveillance an[more]

November 2016

Thales 2nd November 2016

Thales is Digitalising its Customers' Critical Communications Thales is launching its consultation offer for infrastructure networks, the heart of [more]

October 2016

Thales 19th October 2016

Thales high-tech systems on board French Navy’s future medium-size frigates At Euronaval 2016, the French ministry of defence unveiled the F[more]

Thales 6th October 2016

Cisco and Thales innovate together for trusted cybersecurity solution Cisco and Thales have launched a trusted cybersecurity solution to detect an[more]

Thales 5th October 2016

Thales offers a trusted probe for Critical National Infrastructure Provider Thales introduces its cyberattack detection probe, currently undergoing[more]

September 2016

Thales 23rd September 2016

The Indian Air Force signs up for 36 Rafale Thales, a member of the Rafale team, alongside Dassault Aviation, welcomes the selection of the Rafale [more]

July 2016

Thales 13th July 2016

Thales Alenia Space a key player in observation and exploration Thales Alenia Space, has announced the start of the SWOT satellite (Surface Water [more]

June 2016

Thales 15th June 2016

TDA ARMEMENTS SAS announces the successful completion of the first tests of the active protection system for armored vehicles TDA ARMEMENTS SAS d[more]

Thales 14th June 2016

Thales launches Digipack, a ready-to-deploy solution connecting vehicles on the battlefield Thales launches Digipack, a new digitisation solution f[more]

Thales 13th June 2016

Thales and Unica to secure 170 locations of the Netherlands’ MOD Thales and Unica have signed a performance based contract with the CDC (Com[more]

Thales 13th June 2016

Thales launches SYNAPS, the new broadband tactical software-defined radio family for collaborative combat At Eurosatory 2016, Thales announces the [more]

Thales 13th June 2016

Thales launches new ultra-tactical version of the Ground Master 60 with a search on the move capacity Ground Master 60 radar, intended for use with[more]

Thales 13th June 2016

Thales and Soframe launch MILFLEET services solution to optimise military vehicle fleet management At Eurosatory 2016, Thales and Soframe are launc[more]

May 2016

Thales 18th May 2016

Thales to Build “Cyber Range”, a Cybersecurity Training and Testing Facility for the Dutch Defence Cyber Command In the Netherlands, th[more]

April 2016

Thales 29th April 2016

Thales Alenia Space announced today the official kickoff of its Stratobus research & development project. Stratobus is an autonomous stratospheric[more]

Thales 29th April 2016

The Royal Thai Navy selects Thales to modernise its naval capabilities Thales has announced two significant contracts for the supply of a full spec[more]

March 2016

Thales 31st March 2016

Qatar Armed Forces select Thales SEARCHMASTER radar Qatar Armed Forces have announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the selection of the [more]

Thales 29th March 2016

Thales and BEL-Thales Systems Limited to develop PHAROS fire control radar Thales and BEL-Thales Systems Limited (BTSL), the joint venture between [more]

Thales 22nd March 2016

Thales and SFR enhance the Professional Mobile Radio network Thales and SFR have formed a technology partnership to meet the future network require[more]

Thales 11th March 2016

Thales Opens New Cyber Security Operations Centre as Cybercrime Continues to Grow Thales announces the opening of a new Cyber Security Operations C[more]

February 2016

Thales 15th February 2016

Thales Delivers High Assurance and Trust Across Business Critical Applications with Next Generation Hardware Security Modules (HSMS) Thales announc[more]

November 2015

Thales 18th November 2015

Thales is unveiling a complete set of cybersecurity solutions tailored to the specific requirements of essential operators. These modular solution[more]

Thales 18th November 2015

Thales is unveiling the latest developments in its EIJI secure, high-availability mobile telephony offering and launching an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Netw[more]

Thales 18th November 2015

Thales is unveiling a new ruggedised 10x20 HD D/N zoom lens developed specifically for the security and surveillance market. The high-definition le[more]

Thales 19th November 2015

hales unveils Spy’Ranger, the latest-generation surveillance and reconnaissance mini-drone specifically tailored to the needs of armed forces, [more]

October 2015

Thales 23rd October 2015

Thales has announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire data protection company Vormetric Thales has announced that it has signed a definit[more]

September 2015

Thales 30th September 2015

New Thales cybersecurity solution for industrial networks Thales has added the ELIPS-SD unidirectional security gateway for civil operators to its [more]

Thales 17th September 2015

Thales wins £54M Vehicle Sighting System contract for SCOUT SV Gunnery Sights Thales is announcing today the award of a £54M contract from L[more]

Thales 17th September 2015

Royal Thai Army places additional order for STARstreak Air Defence Missile Systems Thales announced today at DSEI that it has signed a multi-milli[more]

Thales 15th September 2015

Thales is introducing MSN 8200, a new Wideband ready naval high frequency radio, at DSEI 15 With the advent of Wideband, HF communication is set to[more]

Thales 1st September 2015

WB Electronics and Thales unveil their Unmanned Aircraft System for Polish Gryf programme WB Electronics and Thales unveiled today at Polandâ€[more]

Thales 1st September 2015

Thales has been selected by the Ministry of Transport & Communications of Oman for the full deployment of an integrated security solution for Muscat I[more]

August 2015

Thales 1st August 2015

Thales is announcing today the award of a £125M contract for the supply of Sighting Systems and Ancillary Equipment to General Dynamics UK for the [more]

Thales 4th August 2015

New era as F90 assault rifle enters Australian Defence Force service The Australian Department of Defence has signed a AUD 100 million contract wit[more]

July 2015

Thales 1st July 2015

Netherlands order 12 new Bushmasters A dozen life-saving Bushmasters are going into production in Bendigo for export to the Netherlands, after the [more]

June 2015

Thales 17th June 2015

Thales and Textron AirLand announced have that they have successfully jointly integrated Thales’ I-Master radar on to Textron AirLand’s [more]

Thales 17th June 2015

Thales announces the AVANT in-flight entertainment system has been selected by Oman Air’s for its fleet expansion. This announcement covers [more]

Thales 16th June 2015

Royal Jordanian Air Force to be equipped with more Thales I-Master radars Thales announced today at Paris Airshow 2015, that they have been selecte[more]

May 2015

Thales 21st May 2015

Thales signs an agreement with HP to collaborate on next generation critical communication systems to support emergency services. Thales has signed[more]

Thales 7th May 2015

Thales has been awarded contract for its new TopShield-400® Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna system (CRPA) for the future French Tanker. Th[more]

April 2015

Thales 27th April 2015

Netherlands Ministry of Defence partners with Thales for Air Defence Systems and services The Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Thales ann[more]

Thales 9th April 2015

Thales lands contract for Thales’s intercom system Sotas Lite in Australia As part of the Australia’s Land 121 Phase 3B Project, Thal[more]

Thales 2nd April 2015

Thales launches secure mobile voice and text solution for inter-governmental administrations At the ROOMn mobile and digital technologies event in [more]

March 2015

Thales 13th March 2015

Thales to develop France's CERES space-borne military intelligence system The French defence procurement agency (DGA) has selected Thales and Airbu[more]

Thales 9th March 2015

Qatar’s New Port Project: Thales Awarded a Contract to Secure One of the World’s Largest “Greenfield” Ports Thales has be[more]

November 2014

Thales 25th November 2014

Sophisticated Event Management Systems delivered by Thales Australia have secured important world leaders and supported a successful G20 Summit in Bri[more]

Thales 14th November 2014

ThalesRaytheonSystems Air Command and Control System is ready to provide NATO essential interoperability ThalesRaytheonSystems has completed system[more]

Thales 5th November 2014

Selex ES and Thales start work on UK-French Future Combat Air System sensor requirement. Laurent Collet-Billon, head of the French defence procurem[more]

October 2014

Thales 28th October 2014

Thales is launching the new SEARCHMASTER® multirole surveillance radar with active electronic scanning antenna (AESA) technology SEARCHMASTERÂ[more]

Thales 28th October 2014

Thales is unveiling PASTOR, a unique service solution to protect vessels against piracy. Primarily designed for shipping companies, this high-leve[more]

Thales 26th October 2014

Thales announces they have once again been selected by Gulfstream to deliver fly-by-wire flight control systems on the G650ER unveiled in May. This f[more]

Thales 28th October 2014

Thales announce the launch of a new range of compact sonars for surface combatants and patrol vessels displacing 300 tonnes or more. Easy to insta[more]

Thales 21st October 2014

Thales announces a new partnership in the civil drone domain with solutions manufacturer, Fly-n-Sense. The partnership sees Fly-n-Sense’s S[more]

Thales 20th October 2014

Thales has been awarded a contract to supply the qatar armed forces with a military satellite communications system to enhance national security and p[more]

September 2014

Thales 18th September 2014

Lockheed Martin Canada has awarded Thales Nederland a contract for the delivery of two SMART-S Mk2 radars, a 3D surveillance radar. These medium-to[more]

Thales 15th September 2014

Thales has been selected by Aéroports de Lyon for the supply, integration and support of the new airport operation control centre of the “Lyo[more]

June 2014

Thales 17th June 2014

Thales supplies secure communications services for EU force in Central African Republic Thales has been chosen to supply and operate the European U[more]

May 2014

Thales 22nd May 2014

Cyber-security: Strategic partnership between Alcatel-Lucent and Thales Thales and Alcatel-Lucent have entered exclusive negotiations for the consi[more]

Thales 22nd May 2014

Airbus Defence and Space has awarded Thales a multi-million pound contract to supply the Royal Air Force with a second full-flight simulator for the A[more]

Thales 2nd May 2014

Thales Alenia Space expands presence in Europe with new British subsidiary, Thales Alenia Space UK Thales Alenia Space announced today that it is [more]

April 2014

Thales 7th April 2014

The Japanese Ministry of Defence has ordered four Bushmaster vehicles for deployment with the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF). The vehicles[more]

March 2014

Thales 31st March 2014

Thales to assist the Qatar Armed Forces with the development of an Optionally Piloted Vehicle - Aircraft Thales has signed a memorandum of understa[more]

Thales 27th March 2014

Thales security and critical infrastructure offerings in the Middle East Thales will be presenting its full range of security solutions for governm[more]

Thales 20th March 2014

Laurent Maury named Vice President in charge of Thales's new “Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity” Business Line Laurent Mau[more]

Thales 18th March 2014

Thales and DCNS announce the comprehensive modernisation programme of the Colombian Navy’s four Almirante Padilla class frigates has been concl[more]

Thales 13th March 2014

Thales today secured a pre-launch order for the new Cougar Team Radio due for release on the 31 March 2014. Dextera Global has placed an initial o[more]

Thales 6th March 2014

Thales’s Watchkeeper given Release To Service by UK Ministry of Defence Watchkeeper, the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) developed by Thales [more]

February 2014

Thales 14th February 2014

Thales Wins First Contract for New Scout Mk3 Naval Radar System Thales and Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding have signed a contract for the delivery[more]

Thales 17th February 2014

Thales IFF Equipment Selected for French Charles De Gaulle Aircraft Carrier and Horizon Frigates As part of contracts awarded by the French Defence[more]

Thales 18th February 2014

Thales to supply radars and sonars for the Royal Malaysian Navy’s Second Generation Patrol Vessels Thales announces that it has signed a Let[more]

January 2014

Thales 29th January 2014

Thales Wins Study Contract to Define Architecture of Future Network-Centric Operations By French Forces The French defence procurement agency has a[more]

December 2013

Thales 13th December 2013

Thales announced that the EC635 helicopter Full Flight Mission Simulator (FFMS) delivered to the Swiss Air Force has achieved JAR FSTD-H* Level D cert[more]

November 2013

Thales 18th November 2013

Thales announced the signing of a contract with the Dutch shipyard Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding for the delivery and installation of a full missio[more]

Thales 28th November 2013

Thales to enhance UK nuclear power station emergency response with new Deployable Communication & Information System Thales UK today announces it w[more]

Thales 27th November 2013

Airbus and Thales have signed a long-term service agreement in support of Airbus Flight Hour Services (FHS) and Tailored Support Package (TSP) program[more]

Thales 20th November 2013

Injazat Data Systems and Thales are collaborating on an advanced and innovative Cybersecurity offering for UAE companies. Injazat and Thales are wo[more]

Thales 19th November 2013

Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) and Thales are presenting the MIDS tactical mobile command post vehicle for managing large-scale events and crises. R[more]

Thales 19th November 2013

Thales unveils large-scale event and crisis management system Thales presents its new integrated system for large‐scale event management and [more]

October 2013

Thales 22nd October 2013

Thales and SIMMAD announce award of SILOUET 3 avionics support contract for French Armed forces Thales has been awarded the SILOUET 3[1] support co[more]

Thales 2nd October 2013

Thales and Schneider Electric team up on cybersecurity for command-and-control systems Under a new cooperation agreement, Thales and Schneider Elec[more]

Thales 4th October 2013

Dassault Aviation and Thales to modernise French Navy’s Atlantique 2 maritime patrol aircraft in partnership with DCNS and SIAé Dassault [more]

Thales 7th October 2013

Watchkeeper receives Statement of Type Design Assurance from the UK Military Aviation Authority Thales UK today announced that its Watchkeeper Unma[more]

Thales 8th October 2013

Embraer selects Thales IFF systems for military aircraft upgrades Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has awarded Thales a contract to supply I[more]

September 2013

Thales 25th September 2013

Thales wins support contract for MRR radars aboard Norwegian corvettes Thales has signed the first contract to provide through-life support for si[more]

Thales 11th September 2013

Thales introduces new communications system for vehicle: Sotas Lite Thales introduces Sotas Lite as a new member of the well-known family of Sotas[more]

June 2013

Thales 18th June 2013

Thales to supply sonobuoy processors to Romanian Navy Romanian helicopter manufacturer IAR Brasov has chosen Thales to supply TMS 2000 sonobuoy pro[more]

Thales 17th June 2013

Thales Unveils Avionics 2020, the cockpit of the future On the opening day of the Paris Airshow 2013 Thales unveiled its cockpit of the future. [more]

Thales 18th June 2013

Thales and SIMMAD announce five-year support contract for French armed forces aeronautical equipment Thales has been awarded the MOREAT1 contract [more]

Thales 15th June 2013

Thales delivers e-passport management system in Uzbekistan Thales, in cooperation with the prime contractor Oberthur Technologies, has delivered a [more]

Thales 3rd June 2013

Test flights of Diamond DA42 with Thales I-Master demonstrate outstanding performance Thales’s I-Master radar system has successfully comple[more]

May 2013

Thales 24th May 2013

Thales presents NEXIUM Wireless, the new LTE network solution for professional mobile radio Thales announces the commercial launch of NEXIUM Wirele[more]

Thales 23rd May 2013

Thales implements a LTE pilot on the Jordanian TETRA network Thales has been selected to implement a Long Term Evolution (LTE) pilot which is full[more]

March 2013

Thales 29th March 2013

Thales selected to study military uses of LTE broadband communications standard The French defence procurement agency (DGA) has awarded Thales the [more]

Thales 1st March 2013

Thales Alenia Space and ISS Reshetnev create Joint Venture in Russia Jean Loïc Galle, President and CEO of Thales Alenia Space, and Nikolay Test[more]

February 2013

Thales 27th February 2013

France selects ThalesRaytheonSystems to supply its third Ground Master 400 radar base The French defense procurement agency (DGA) has selected T[more]

Thales 15th February 2013

Thales to deliver Squire radars to Norway Thales and Vinghøg AS, a Norwegian subsidiary of Rheinmetall Defence, signed a contract for the deliv[more]

Thales 12th February 2013

Thales awarded Optronics contract for Upgraded LAV III vehicles Thales Canada announced today that it has been awarded a significant subcontract fr[more]

Thales 8th February 2013

Agusta Westland selects Thales to supply FLASH Compact dipping sonars to equip Lynx helicopters Agusta Westland has selected Thales as the supplier[more]

January 2013

Thales 29th January 2013

Thales delivers first maritime surveillance aircraft to Turkey Thales has delivered the first of three maritime surveillance aircraft under the M[more]

November 2012

Thales 13th November 2012

Success of Thales Avionics Flight Management Systems is confirmed in China Thales is proud to announce the selection of its TopFlight Management Sy[more]

Thales 21st November 2012

Luxair extends its partnership with Thales avionics support Luxemburg based regional carrier Luxair, operating out of Findel International Airport,[more]

Thales 15th November 2012

Thales acquires Sysgo, the European leader in real-time, highly secure operating systems 15 November 2012 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France –15 N[more]

July 2012

Thales 25th July 2012

France and UK take a significant step towards Watchkeeper cooperation The UK and France have moved a step forward today in demonstrating their comm[more]

Thales 9th July 2012

Rafale Transformation Squadron increases training capacity with Thales simulators Thales announces the acceptance by the French defence procuremen[more]

March 2012

Thales 30th March 2012

Thales delivers first production RBE2 AESA radar to Dassault Aviation In February, Thales delivered the first series-produced RBE2 radar with acti[more]

April 2012

Thales 5th April 2012

Thales to provide GPS SAASM receivers for French Navy Lynx helicopters Thales has been awarded a contract by the Service Industriel de l'Aérona[more]

November 2011

Thales 22nd November 2011

IGN Awards Thales and Cassidian Prime Contractship for Second Phase of the Topobase Défense Operation The French geographic Institute IGN (Insti[more]

December 2011

Thales 7th December 2011

Thales to Acquire Tampa Microwave Thales today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Tampa Microwave, a privately held company specializi[more]

July 2011

Thales 13th July 2011

Successful launch for six new second-generation Globalstar satellites 13 July 2011 Cannes, July 13, 2011 – The second batch of six satellit[more]

Thales 18th July 2011

Thales Alenia Space Italia awarded lead mandate for MUSIS-CIL Program Thales Alenia Space Italia announces the signature of a contract with OCCAR-E[more]

Thales 20th July 2011

Thales Alenia Space wins Phase B contracts for Solar Orbiter METIS and SWA instruments Cannes, July 19, 2011 – Thales Alenia Space announced[more]

Thales 1st July 2011

Thales creates Thales Communications & Security Thales announces the creation of Thales Communications & Security, a company combining the joint sk[more]

Thales 29th July 2011

Thales and Dassault Aviation sign contract to upgrade Indian Air Force’s Mirage 2000 fleet Based on the integration of latest generation e[more]

June 2010

Thales 28th June 2010

Thales selected by the Royal Navy of Oman to provide self-defence capabilities Thales announced today that it has signed an agreement with the Roya[more]

April 2010

Thales 15th April 2010

Watchkeeper makes first UK flight Thales UK today announces the maiden UK flight of the Watchkeeper unmanned air system (UAS). Watchkeeper flew f[more]

Thales 12th April 2010

Thales signs contract to equip additional FREMM frigates Thales has signed a contract to equip France’s additional three FREMM frigates with rada[more]

Thales 12th April 2010

UK Hermes 450 (H-450) tops 30,000 flight hours in theatre The UK Hermes 450 (H-450) fleet of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) have now flown more than [more]

Thales 3rd April 2010

Thales awarded the support contract for the Watchkeeper The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded Thales UK the initial three-year support cont[more]

February 2010

Thales 15th February 2010

Thales Australia wins significant Australian Defence Force command and intelligence systems contract Thales Australia has won the primary contract [more]

Thales 12th February 2010

Thales announces significant Sonar 2076 upgrade Thales UK today announces that it has been awarded a contract by BAE Systems to upgrade three Trafa[more]

Thales 9th February 2010

MOD and MCA/DfT selects Soteria for the Search and Rescue – Helicopter (SAR-H) programme Today the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Departm[more]

Thales 8th February 2010

Thales to provide self-protection systems for French forces' EC725 Caracal Neuilly-sur-Seine, 4 February 2010 – Thales announced today that [more]

Thales 11th February 2010

Belgian Navy orders Thales sensors Thales Nederland today announces that it has received a contract for two Seastar and Gatekeeper sensors, that ar[more]

Thales 3rd February 2010

Thales signs first contract with Dassault Aviation for through-life support of Rafale avionics Thales today announced that it has signed a contract[more]

Thales 2nd February 2010

Thales to support Royal Australian Air Force Wedgetail training Thales Australia has signed a five-year agreement with Boeing Defence Australia to [more]

Thales 2nd February 2010

Thales partners with Schiebel for the French DGA VTOL UAV trials In December 2009, the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) selected Schiebelâ[more]

January 2010

Thales 27th January 2010

ThalesRaytheonSystems’ NATO Air Command and Control System approved for rollout in Czech Republic, Denmark and Greece ThalesRaytheonSystems,[more]

Thales 5th January 2010

New Zealand Army selects Thales for multi-year Small Arms Ammunition supply Thales is Australia's leading supplier of munitions, propellants, ordna[more]

December 2009

Thales 5th December 2009

Thales wins Camp Protection contract The German Bundeswehr selected Thales for the sensor integration part of its SEO* programme. Thales will once [more]

January 2010

Thales 21st January 2010

Thales and Voltage Security Forge Technology Integration and Marketing Partnership to Deliver End-to-End Encryption and Key Management to Secure Payme[more]

Thales 11th January 2010

Thales Introduces nShield Connect 500 and nShield Connect 1500 to complete its newest generation of high performance Hardware Security Modules Thal[more]

Thales 20th January 2010

First French Army simulator network achieved over distance Thales has completed a successful simulator network between the French Army simulation f[more]

November 2009

Thales 25th November 2009

Thales Deutschland to equip all German Navy supply ships Command & decision and radar systems for the "Berlin", "Frankfurt am Main" and new "Bonn" [more]

Thales 16th November 2009

Thales launches TeMax, a broadband Private Mobile Radio (PMR) solution for mission critical users Thales today announces the launch of TeMax, an in[more]

Thales 16th November 2009

Modernisation of Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation Thales has signed a contract worth 152 million riyals (approx. 30 million euros) with Saudi Arabia[more]

Thales 19th November 2009

Thales Alenia Space to deliver second flight model very-high-resolution optical imaging instrument to EADS Astrium for European Pleiades program Th[more]

Thales 17th November 2009

Thales selected by the French Ministries of the Interior and of Immigration for its biometric identification system Following an international bid,[more]

Thales 16th November 2009

Thales launches a comprehensive anti-terrorism offering combining security and defence solutions Thales announces the launch of a counter-terrorism[more]

August 2009

Thales 25th August 2009

Thales announces WARTHOG contract with ST Kinetics Following the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) announcement in December 2008 of i[more]

November 2008

Thales 24th November 2008

Thales’s WATCHKEEPER successfully passes first system flight trial Thales UK today announces the successful first system flight trials of th[more]

April 2008

Thales 1st April 2008

Thales wins support contracts for Royal Navy submarines Thales UK has been awarded contracts initially worth £35m from the UK Ministry of Defenc[more]


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