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Scanners are an essential part of a layered approach to airport security.

But first it is important to differentiate between the various types of scanners available to border officials.

Microwave and back-scatter scanners are non-intrusive and are widely deployed but are only able to identify objects carried upon the body.

Full body x-ray scanners of the type produced by OD Security are designed to identify any objects carried on the body or internally.

Full body x-ray scanners are already widely deployed in airports around the world, but mainly for identifying drug mules or swallowers.

Following the recent attempted assassination of a Saudi Prince using a bomb carried in the would-be assassin's anus, the likelihood of an attack of this type on an aircraft is a very real threat.

Full body x-ray scanners are the only technology currently deployed that will positively identify improvised explosive devices carried by this method.

However, body scanners are not suitable for mass scanning and only come into play once an officer or security official has become suspicious that an individual represents a security threat, or is suspected of criminal trafficking of some sort. This is done by using existing profiling techniques employed by trained border officials, for screening travellers at airports and border crossing points.

Once the officer has identified an individual for additional screening it is then at the officer's discretion to use the appropriate screening method, whether that is an additional pat down, swabbing or a full body scan depending upon the perceived threat.

Statement by:
Jan Steven van Wingerden
OD Security

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