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Smiths Detection wins large-scale contract for cargo screening equipment for New Zealand Customs

Singapore, 25 March 2004 - Smiths Detection has won a large-scale contract to supply mobile and stationary X-ray inspection systems to the New Zealand Customs Service. The contract is valued at more than € 10m (£ 6.5m) and covers 10 new pieces of equipment and upgrades for existing systems. These systems will be deployed across New Zealand, operated by trained Customs staff. Delivery will start in August of this year with completion in early 2005.

New Zealand Customs Service purchased the X-ray screening systems to enhance its scrutiny of transfer and export cargo to meet the expectations of trading partners. This reflects the risk associated with goods leaving the country and being trans-shipped through all of its ports, that has increasingly become focus of the authority. Customs Acting Chief Executive John Secker says, "We've looked for and found mobile technology that will give us maximum coverage at least cost, so that we can screen cargo with minimum disruption to the supply chain."

Mal Maginnis, President of Smiths Detection Asia Pacific, stresses that this purchase of Smiths Detection cargo X-ray equipment provides New Zealand Customs with one of the most significant screening capabilities not only in the Asia Pacific region but the world. "The approach taken by Customs in procuring such leading edge X-ray screening equipment as this, demonstrates just how seriously the New Zealand Government takes the security of its trade borders. Smiths Detection is very proud to be able to play a key role in this process going forward."

Smiths Detection is supplying HCV-Mobiles (Heimann Cargo Vision), Silhouette Scan CAB 2000 and ScanTrailers.

The Technology
The HCV-Mobile is a mobile X-ray inspection system, which facilitates a thorough inspection of stationary vehicles or loads while moving. The HCV-Mobile distinguishes itself by unique flexibility. Being a vehicle-mounted device, it is ready to operate anywhere in less than 30 minutes and can inspect up to 30 trucks per hour. Its image resolution capability indicates smuggled goods, weapons and drugs in detail. It is perfectly suited for easy customs document verification.

The SilhouetteScan CAB 2000 is a transportable X-ray inspection system, which facilitates a fast detection of large illegal freight and checks loading spaces effortlessly. Set-up and dismantling of the unit can be done in less than an hour and therefore permits its short-term application at changing locations.

The ScanTrailer is a mobile X-ray inspection solution approved for public traffic, designed for baggage, freight and vehicle inspections. It facilitates rapid and flexible use on changing sites, for instance at ports, airports, border crossings or for deployment during major public events.

About Smiths Detection
Smiths Detection is one of four operating divisions of Smiths Group plc. Smiths Detection offers technologically advanced security solutions to detect and identify explosives, chemical & biological agents, weapons and contraband. Employing trace detection technology together with Smiths Heimann X-ray imaging, Smiths Detection provides screening solutions for customers in civil and military markets worldwide.

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