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Thales security and critical infrastructure offerings in the Middle East

Thales will be presenting its full range of security solutions for government agencies and homeland security forces at this year's ISNR in Abu Dhabi.

Since 1978, Thales has building its presence in the United Arab Emirates, where it is an important supplier.

Thales's states its objective is to ‘simplify complexity', empowering strategic decision-makers by delivering clear, timely and operationally relevant information about their environment.

Matching current trends in homeland security in the Middle East, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, Thales will be showcasing two major areas of activity at ISNR 2014:

Protection of critical infrastructure and sensitive sites (government, industry and public)

Critical infrastructure operators, administrations, financial institutions, innovative industries and research institutes are all highly dependent on their IT systems and are therefore more vulnerable to new types of cyberthreats.

As a key player in security and defence to protect national sovereignty, Thales is presenting cybersecurity, resilience and security solutions that enhance operational efficiency and business continuity for all types of organisations.

Some of the systems on show are:

CYBELS is an excellent illustration of Thales's extensive expertise in this domain. The CYBELS family of solutions will be on show with a dynamic demonstration of Thales's ability to prevent, detect, analyse and respond to cyberattacks. With CYBELS, operators have the information they need to take the best decisions and deploy the most appropriate response at all times.

The NEXIUM View solution shows how a synoptic picture combining data about cybersecurity, applications and network status can help operators improve the performance and availability of critical services.

Alongside these IT security solutions, Thales offers operators of critical sites, such as oil refineries or airports, end-to-end expertise from concept of operations to integrated safety and security systems.

Protecting cities and governments: Security of citizens and critical mission communications

The fast-evolving urban landscape is generating new needs and new expectations from governments and local authorities. With persistent geopolitical instability, new threats and more frequent natural disasters, the ability to anticipate and to respond to crisis situations is becoming crucial. Providing security assurances for citizens, cities and states is a central concern today.

From urban security to the highest level of national security, Thales provides command & control and decision-support solutions for supervision and control of day-to-day operations as well as full-blown crisis situations.

Thales's capabilities in professional mobile radio (based on LTE technology), intelligent video and CBRN risk detection ensures that relevant information is transmitted quickly to support decision-makers.

A Focus on Crisis Management

For the first time in the Middle East: a deployable system for managing large‐scale events and crises

At ISNR 2014, Thales is showcasing its new large-scale event and crisis management system for the first time in the Middle East. Designed for civil defence and security forces, this solution is specifically designed to ensure more effective collaboration between deployed units and command centres.

Renault Trucks Defense and Thales have partnered to develop the mobile component of this system, a new integrated command post for the MIDS tactical command vehicle. This mobile solution offers operators inside the vehicle a full picture of the situation on the ground and enhances decision-making through multi-agency coordination and collaboration tools.

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