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Thales is unveiling the latest developments in its EIJI secure, high-availability mobile telephony offering and launching an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) service for public security forces and enterprise customers.

Thales will rely on its data centre infrastructure and dedicated cybersecurity operations centre and services to deliver end-to end communication security and resilience.
Superior connectivity thanks to guaranteed access to mobile networks, with national and international roaming, and third-party networks.

The requirements of public security forces, essential operators and major companies are continuing to evolve, and emergency response teams need to be more mobile and interconnected than ever before. They currently have a choice between deploying dedicated private networks, typically offering low-speed voice communications only, and using commercial 2G, 3G and 4G networks, which offer higher bandwidth and transmission speeds but provide inadequate security, resilience and coverage.

Thales has become a secure mobile services operator to fill this gap and respond to the challenges of a fast changing physical and cyber threat environment. As the European leader in cybersecurity and a key player in radiocommunications, Thales draws on extensive experience and expertise to propose EIJI as a secure, resilient, high-data-rate communications solution.
"Thanks to Thales, public security forces, essential operators and major companies can now have permanent and highly secure access to the networks and applications they need to conduct their critical missions."
Gérard Herby, VP in charge of Services for Thales's Secure Communications & Information Systems business.

Using a combination of existing commercial networks and satcom connections, EIJI guarantees wide-area coverage and superior voice and data connectivity. The EIJI Box vehicle terminal also helps to support multi-network resilience, optimise performance and provide uninterrupted access to the best available network at all times. Cybersecurity is an integral part of the offering to ensure secure authentication, confidentiality and integrity of voice and data communications.

Operational efficiency today hinges to a large extent on high-performance communication systems and services. Access to high-speed mobile broadband services and new applications is critical to the ability to share rich content like maps, pictures and videos in real time. The EIJI offering thus supports more informed decision-making and better coordination of resources on the ground.

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