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Smiths Detection launches TRACE-PRO, a revolutionary explosives detector for fast identification and evidence collection

Smiths Detection announces the launch of TRACE-PRO, a compact and ruggedised, non-radioactive Explosives Trace Detector (ETD) designed for mobile screening.

TRACE-PRO takes the detection of trace explosives for Military, Emergency Response, Law Enforcement and Security professionals to a new level by providing fast, accurate identification of common explosives in less than 10 seconds. Swabs can be taken from people, objects and materials in any location and the in-built camera and GPS facilitate easy evidence collection - allowing the user to record and store data in the immediate location of the suspect substance.

TRACE-PRO's unique probe-based sampling technique and reusable swabs allow users to take quick consecutive samples to enhance the speed and efficiency of the screening operation.

Shan Hood, Vice President, Products and Technology at Smiths Detection, said: "TRACE-PRO offers our customers a revolutionary way to detect and identify explosives with the added benefit of being able to record and store data when time is of the essence. It makes sampling and evidence collection easier - an enormous plus for our customers - and is technically superior to most other hand-held ETD detectors."

TRACE-PRO is suited to a variety of environments and situations with its ruggedised exterior - tested and certified to MIL-STD-810G. It is ergonomically designed, weighs 1.7 kg and is the only detector that can be powered by AA commercial batteries. It requires minimal user training due to its intuitive software and provides a low cost of ownership through its re-usable swabs and basic maintenance

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