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Thales and Soframe launch MILFLEET services solution to optimise military vehicle fleet management

At Eurosatory 2016, Thales and Soframe are launching MILFLEET, a set of fleet management services based on predictive maintenance for military vehicles. Designed for land forces in France and around the world, MILFLEET optimises the operational readiness of vehicle fleets, simplifying system and equipment maintenance and reducing operating expenditures for more cost-effective through-life support.

The introduction of latest-generation digitised vehicles is speeding up the transition to predictive maintenance practices and the transfer of maintenance responsibilities to industry. Thales has teamed with Soframe, a defence subsidiary of the LOHR group, to form a partnership that leverages their respective areas of expertise to develop a flexible solution for this emerging requirement.

With MILFLEET, Thales and Soframe ensure that the right vehicles are available in the right place at the right time and in the best possible configuration for users. The platform-agnostic MILFLEET services solution provides an optimal vehicle support organisation and ensures the operational readiness of vehicle fleets. With individualised management and maintenance of vehicle equipment and systems tailored to the exact requirements of each customer, the services guarantee end-to-end security of vehicle data capture, transfer and analysis.
Thales is contributing its expertise in secure information management technologies by implementing and operating a Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), which collects data from embedded in-vehicle sensors to allow predictive maintenance and ensure that potential faults are detected and rectified before they occur.

Soframe is responsible for weapon system maintenance, delivery of vehicles to the point of deployment and supply chain management for replacement parts.

MILFLEET is a portfolio of agile, dynamic services based on an advanced model of through-life support with high service level commitments, positioning Thales as a Tier 1 partner of land forces in France and around the world.

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