ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH As a leading naval electronic house ATLAS ELEKTRONIK stands for maritime and naval solutions both above and below the surfaces of the world's oceans. With the help of technical innovative products the electronics specialist encounters the conventional and asymmetric challenges of the maritime sector and increases safety of harbours, coastlines and trade. The company with its headquarter in Bremen was founded in 1902 and is now a joined company of ThyssenKrupp and EADS with more than 1700 employees.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK holds an undisputed "pole position" in all fields of naval technology. With an extensive world-wide customer base ATLAS ELEKTRONIK supplies the complete product range based on the "sensor-to-shooter" concept divided into the sections of Surface Vessel Systems inclusive Mine Counter Measures, Submarine Systems and Services. The portfolio implies:

  • All variants of sonar systems for submarines, antisubmarine warfare and minehunting
  • Integrated command and control systems for submarines, surface vessels and mine countermeasure boats
  • Heavy-weight torpedoes and small size anti torpedo weapons
  • Mine disposal vehicles and AUV's

Submarine Systems:

ISUS 90 - Submarine Combat System

The ISUS 90 Submarine Combat System is an advanced and sea proven fully integrated sensor, command & control and weapon engagement system. It integrates the acoustical sensors with optical and electronic sensors to allow for a comprehensive command and control in the submarine system, as well as control of long range, wire guided torpedoes and missiles.

As the only company in the world ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is able to deliver all components of a modern Submarine Combat Suite including heavyweight torpedoes and torpedo counter measures

Multifunction Console OMADA with ANCS (Combat Management Scenario)

The image shows the SeaFox C, a fibre-optic guided, one shot mine disposal vehicle with the sonar antenna HMS-12M and the IMCMS Multi Function Console (MFC)

ATLAS ForcePro is a system for the fusion of all Information (optronic, sonar and radar sensor) in a certain area of a terroristic/asymmetric threat

The AUV SeaOtter MkII at service trial for WTD 71 (German Navy) for testing sonar sensors

Systems for Surface Ships:

ANCS - ATLAS Naval Combat System

The company provides command and control systems for OPVs, corvettes and frigates as well as integrated navigation systems. The Atlas Naval Combat management System (ANCS), our latest-generation combat system, has a modular design that allows it to be adapted to all customer requirements, and has all required interfaces to sensors, shooters and communication facilities. This in turn ensures its integration in a full network-centric warfare (NCW) configuration.

IMCMS - Integrated Mine Countermeasures System

The ATLAS Integrated Mine Countermeasures System (IMCMS) is a multirole MCM Weapon System which covers the complete process of Mine Warfare including Minesweeping, Minehunting and Minelaying as well as supporting functions such as hydrography, environmental assessment and surface and air surveillance. The system is based on open architecture and is operated from multi-function consoles allowing the control of each sub-system, such as the hull-mounted sonar, the self-propelled variable depth sonar, the autonomous underwater vehicle and the remotely controlled surface drones.

SeaFox - Mine disposal system

The SeaFox system is a mine disposal system which is based on the "Expendable Mine Disposal Vehicle" principle (EMDV). The SeaFox I, a small, reusable and unmanned underwater drone, is used for inspection, identification and training purposes, while the identical combat vehicle SeaFox C directly disposes long and short tethered mines, proud ground mines and floating mines. The four independent, reversible motors plus one hover thruster ensure high manoeuvrability and exact positioning for firing the shaped charge.

ForcePro - Protection against terrorists and other asymmetric attacks

ATLAS ForcePro System offers the possibility of building up complete sensor-weapon chains, fusing all information from surveillance radars, optronic surveillance systems, and diver detection sonars. The ForcePro is based on the ANCS-technology and can be used against piracy, smuggling, terrorist or other asymmetric threats. Moving targets can be displayed on the land and sea map display, while the functional sensor-to-shooter chain ensures the capability for rapid action against threats from land, air, sea and underwater.


In-Service Support

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK provides a continuous support effort which is based on an individually tailored balance between the three key factors: affordability, availability and capability. The In-Service Support covers all areas, from hot-line support through engineering and on-site services, spares, training and documentation services. All services are also offered for external products.


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November 2017

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 29th November 2017

PANSIO class minelayers: ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Finland successfully completes modernization ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Finland Oy as prime contractor has successful[more]

June 2017

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 20th June 2017

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group has successfully demonstrated a complete unmanned MCM Detect to Engage mission at the Belgium Navy’s North Sea Unmanned M[more]

February 2017

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 20th February 2017

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK Secures a Number of Cerberus Diver Detection Sonar Sales  AEUK have secured two significant contracts with undisclosed Middl[more]

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 21st February 2017

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Wins Order for the Modernization of Minehunting Vessels of the German Navy ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH has received an order from the Fede[more]

October 2016

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 5th October 2016

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Finland finished mid-life upgrade of Pansio On October 3rd, 2016, the fully refitted minelayer Pansio has been handed over to the [more]

January 2016

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 13th January 2016

Atlas Elektronik UK Supply Arcims Multi-Role Unmanned Surface Vehicle To The German Navy Technical Centre, WTD71 In December 2015 ATLAS ELEKTRONIK [more]

February 2016

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 3rd February 2016

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK supply ARCIMS Multi-Role Unmanned Surface Vehicle to the German Navy Technical Centre, WTD71 In December 2015 ATLAS ELEKTRONIK [more]

September 2015

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 14th September 2015

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK to showcase its latest innovations at DSEI in London The ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group will be showcasing its products and technologies a[more]

May 2015


ATLAS ELEKTRONIK to Deliver Six Actas Sonar Systems For The Indian Navy ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and the Indian Ministry of Defense have signed a contract [more]

November 2014

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 24th November 2014

ATLAS North America Acquires Assets of Marine Sonic Technology ATLAS North America LLC. (ANA), a wholly owned subsidiary of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH,[more]

June 2014

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 10th June 2014

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK to launch Lithium Iron Phosphate Exercise Battery on UDT 2014 During UDT 2014 in Liverpool the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group and Advance[more]

December 2013

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 18th December 2013

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK to deliver Sonar systems for new Thailand frigate ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH has been commissioned by the Korean yard Daewoo Shipbuildi[more]

September 2013

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 10th September 2013

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GROUP – GREATEST EVER PRESENCE AT DSEI The globally reaching ATLAS Group is finalising preparations for DSEI. The Group has[more]

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 10th September 2013

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GROUP – GREATEST EVER PRESENCE AT DSEI The globally reaching ATLAS Group is finalising preparations for DSEI. The Group has[more]

April 2013

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 11th April 2013

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and Thales Deutschland to modernize combat system of F124 frigate ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and Thales Deutschland have jointly been commis[more]

February 2013

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 28th February 2013

Alexander Kocherscheidt to become Managing Director at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Alexander Kocherscheidt (39) will commence his duties as Managing Director[more]

June 2010

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 10th June 2010

ATLAS SeaWolf on the trail of volcanic activity Mission completed – the unmanned underwater vehicle SeaWolf at the Laacher See * AUV [more]

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 28th June 2010

EADS Defence & Security and Atlas Elektronik join forces to create Sofrelog Atlas Maritime Security, a leading global provider of maritime safety and [more]

March 2010

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 5th March 2010

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group at Oceanology International OI10 in London The ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group is fielding a strong presence at the Oceanology Inte[more]

February 2010

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 14th February 2010

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK will present their core capabilities in naval underwater technology and signal processing in India. The company is showcasing its[more]

January 2010

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 25th January 2010

ATLAS successfully ends EU research project GREX on unmanned underwater vehicles * Results presented during sea trials in Portugal * ATLAS respo[more]

September 2009

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 10th September 2009

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK modernizes German minehunters of Class 332 ATLAS ELEKTRONIK to equip five ships of the type MJ 332 with the SeaFox system Ord[more]

June 2009


ATLAS announce a quantum leap in maritime communications technology A quantum leap in maritime communications technology is on the way. In future, [more]

May 2009


Atlas Elektronik UK (“Atlas") is delighted to announce the acquisition of the Underwater Systems (“UWS") business of the QinetiQ Group plc[more]

February 2009

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 18th February 2009

Change in Management at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH, Bremen The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH would like to announce the fol[more]

March 2009

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 13th March 2009

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, a Bremen-based company with a long and rich tradition, invests in a new presentation and simulation centre Leading high-tech comp[more]

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 18th March 2009

Hagenuk Marinekommunikation to develop HF module for the Bundeswehr’s new generation of joint radio systems The Federal Office for Informati[more]

September 2008

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 14th September 2008

ATLAS show presence in Southafrica The second half-year 2008 brings ATLAS ELEKTRONIK a compact exhibition calender considering almost all important[more]

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 29th September 2008

Success for ATLAS ELEKTRONIK at the NATO Harbour Protection Trials For ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, the NATO Harbour Protection Trials turned out to be extrem[more]

May 2008


Containerised mine countermeasure systems as force multipliers and for rapid deployment ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH has developed a set of containers to [more]

March 2008

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 1st March 2008

ATLAS complete Sea trials for South African Navy The Bremen-based company ATLAS ELEKTRONIK has brought the submarine programme for the South Africa[more]

October 2007

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 28th October 2007

ATLAS visits DEFENSE & SECURITY 2007 Traditionally Thailand and South East Asia are regions, where ATLAS ELEKTRONIK operates quite successfully and[more]

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 17th October 2007

Link22 integration successful For the very first time ever, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK has verified the entire Link22 functional chain with a demonstration s[more]

June 2007


Atlas-QED consortium awarded MoD research contract to deliver a mine counter measures unmanned surface vehicle demonstrator system • quantifi[more]

May 2007


CUSTOMER WINS - THE NEW ATLAS New ATLAS ELEKTRONIK group stands for maritime and naval solutions above and below the ocean surface. The company hol[more]


ATLAS announces new flank array sonar system ‘EFAS’ EFAS stands for Expanded Flank Array Sonar and is the (preliminary) name for a new[more]


ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and the GREX-Project: Co-ordination and Control of Co-operating Unmanned Systems Today scientific and military users demand system[more]


Finnish Navy joins the IMCMS User Club With Finlands Naval Forces a further European Navy procures an ATLAS Integrated Mine Countermeasure System I[more]


ATLAS ASW Sonar Systems for Royal Danish Navy’s new Patrol Ships The Royal Danish Navy has ordered three ATLAS Hullmounted Sonar Systems (Ty[more]

November 2006

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 23rd November 2006

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK at IDEAS, Karachi and INDODEFENCE in Jakarta The year 2006 is fading out very busy, so it does the exhibition calendar likewise. D[more]

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 1st November 2006

ATLAS Hydrographic was awarded by the Spanish CONSEJO SUPERIOR DE INVESTIGACIONES ATLAS Hydrographic was awarded by the Spanish CONSEJO SUPERIOR DE[more]

October 2006

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 18th October 2006

ATLAS at EURONAVAL EURONAVAL 2006, the biennial International Maritime & Naval Exhibition and Conference, will take place from 23rd to 27th Octob[more]

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 9th October 2006

ATLAS at Defendory At this year Defendory International ATLAS ELEKTRONIK will be participating with a prestigious booth in between the new parent c[more]

August 2006

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 4th August 2006

Joint takeover of Atlas successfully closed With the closing successfully concluded on August 3, 2006, the takeover of Atlas Elektronik has now bee[more]

June 2006

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH 24th June 2006

UDT Community meets again in Hamburg The business community of Undersea Defence Technology meets again at UDT Europe 2006, which will take place at[more]


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