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June 2010

Reson A/S 8th June 2010

RESON to participate at WEDA30 and TAMU 41 Danish company, RESON A/S, world-leading manufacturer of high quality underwater acoustic sensors, echo-[more]

Reson A/S 6th June 2010

RESON A/S are exhibiting a new sonar systems at UDT 2010. Danish company, RESON A/S, world-leading manufacturer of high quality underwater acoust[more]

March 2010

Reson A/S 11th March 2010

RESON and ADUS announce collaboration in high resolution multibeam sonar imaging RESON A/S the world leader in the manufacture of high-quality unde[more]

Reson A/S 10th March 2010

RESON awarded contract for SeaBat 7101 and 7125 processor upgrade during the OI’10 exhi-bition At the Oceanology International 2010 exhibiti[more]

Reson A/S 8th March 2010

RESON launches new low cost expedition-ready multibeam system Expedition-Ready is all that counts for near–shore surveyors! RESON has on[more]

January 2010

Reson A/S 28th January 2010

NOAA signs contract for seven SeaBat 7125-SV multibeam sonar systems National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) – Natio[more]

October 2009

Reson A/S 11th October 2009

See a demonstration of a SeaBat 7111 multibeam sonar system on Turkish News To view click here See a demonstration of a SeaBat 7111 multibeam sonar[more]

November 2009

Reson A/S 30th November 2009

RESON Delivers SeaBat 7112 System to WASS of Italy as part of a harbor security System. RESON of has delivered a SeaBat 7112 system to White[more]

October 2009

Reson A/S 15th October 2009

RESON to exhibit military and security applications for commercial-off-the-shelf sonars at MAST, Stockholm RESON, a world-leading manufacturer of [more]

Reson A/S 7th October 2009

Three SeaBat sonar systems delivered to Germany RESON awarded contracts for the delivery of three SeaBat multibeam sonar systems for hydrographic a[more]

September 2009

Reson A/S 11th September 2009

RESON successfully trial their contraband and diver detection systems in 4 ports The trials at Southampton, Falmouth and Chichester were to tes[more]

August 2009

Reson A/S 31st August 2009

RESON to exhibit military and security applications for commercial-off-shelf sonars at DSEi 09 RESON, a world-leading manufacturer of high resoluti[more]

June 2009

Reson A/S 19th June 2009

Reson selected for Indian UUV project Sonar manufacturer Reson told Unmanned Vehicles at UDT Europe that it has secured a contract for its SeaBat 7[more]

May 2009

Reson A/S 7th May 2009

New RESON Sonars on Display at IMDEX ASIA 2009, in Singapore. Danish company, RESON A/S, world-leading manufacturer of high quality underwater aco[more]

April 2009

Reson A/S 28th April 2009

RESON A/S to exhibit new sonar systems at IDEF09 Danish company, RESON A/S, world-leading manufacturer of high quality underwater acoustic sensor[more]

Reson A/S 14th April 2009

RESON A/S to exhibit their next generation waterside security sonar systems at the forthcoming UDT 2009 Danish company, RESON A/S, world-leading m[more]

Reson A/S 2nd April 2009

RESON announces 3 new contracts at this years Ocean Business 2009 RESON has been awarded a new contract for delivery and installation of a SeaBat [more]

March 2009

Reson A/S 25th March 2009

UK Industry Leaders choose RESON’s SeaBat 7125 multibeam sonar systems The technical success of the unprecedented SeaBat 7125 multibeam led[more]

Reson A/S 25th March 2009

RESON awarded contract for an integrated Sonar Multi-beam System Fisheries Research Services (FRS) recently awarded RESON Aberdeen the contract to[more]

Reson A/S 12th March 2009

New RESON SeaBat sonar system demonstrations during the Ocean Business exhibition in Southampton For the first time RESON will be demonstrating the[more]

February 2009

Reson A/S 23rd February 2009

RESON release data from Shallow Water Mine Clearance trials at IDEX RESON a company specialising in Underwater Acoustic Solutions have recently rel[more]

Reson A/S 17th February 2009

RESON to show mine, diver & contraband detection equipment at IDEX 2009 Danish company, RESON A/S, world leading manufacturer of underwater acoust[more]

January 2009

Reson A/S 22nd January 2009

RESON is pleased to announce the appointment of Sea and Land Technologies PL, as their exclusive representative for the ASEAN region, effective 1st of[more]

November 2008

Reson A/S 26th November 2008

RESON deliver Second Sonar System to the Chilean navy S.H.O.A. Servico Hidrografico y Oceanografico de la Armada de Chile (The Chilean Navy Hydrog[more]

October 2008

Reson A/S 18th October 2008

Successful cooperation between RESON and Schelde Naval Shipbuilding on new Royal Thai Navy vessel RESON recently completed delivery and trials for[more]

Reson A/S 23rd October 2008

New improved SeaBat 7125 multibeam echosounder with increased installation flexibility RESON launches a new version of the well-known SeaBat 7125 m[more]

Reson A/S 3rd October 2008

BAE SYSTEMS choose SeaBat 7123 for Talisman In March of this year BAE Systems launched its new autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) Talisma[more]

August 2008

Reson A/S 13th August 2008

RESON is among the sponsors for the 1st International Waterside Security Conference and Exhibition, 25th-28th August in Denmark. The conference wil[more]

Reson A/S 10th August 2008

RESON sonar systems protects G8 summit in Japan During the recent G8 Summit, the Japanese police decided to protect Tokyo Bay against underwater th[more]

July 2008

Reson A/S 30th July 2008

SeaBat provides 15 years of continuous service with EMC First purchased in 1990, RESON’s SeaBat 8101 has now seen more than 15 years continu[more]

April 2008

Reson A/S 21st April 2008

RESON opens new sales office in Singapore RESON increases it’s focus on the Asia Pacific region by establishing a new fully owned sales offi[more]

Reson A/S 22nd April 2008

The New SeaBat 7101 multibeam sonar system continues the success Since its release in 1996, the SeaBat 8101 has gained a formidable reputation for [more]

May 2008

Reson A/S 14th May 2008

RESON introduces worldwide 24/7 Service and Maintenance Agreement RESON offers Service and Maintenance Agreements for SeaBat sonar systems, where p[more]

Reson A/S

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